Black Snake Moan

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Sep 20, 2007 by Film_Hanger

This is an American art movie: A black man chains up a young white woman to cure her of her uncontrollable sexual urges. And it all takes place in the American South. Lazarus is played by Jackson; while, Rae is played by Ricci. The film was given a R16 rating by the NZ Film Censor – there is violence, Ricci appears in a number of scenes wearing a pair of briefs, there is ‘sexual activity’, there is some ‘mildly violent sex’ (it is concensual).

It was a good film, but not entertaining in a relaxing sense – it is just too tense. The film is set in the Deep South of the United States – where African Americans are still ‘less equal’. Through most of the film, I kept asking myself “how will it end for Lazarus ?”. As the film proceeded, whenever Lazarus and Rae are together, I kept expecting some violent interruption.

the film raised some real ethical questions:

  • “Is it alright to deprive someone of their liberty, for their own good?”
  • “If one feels one can help, should one intervene?”
  • “If someone has a physiological disposition towards some physical needs, is it exploitation to assist them satisfy that need?”

The film ends well for all of the main characters, and no one dies. That is why I classify it as an American Indy movie – there is happy ending!


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