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Sep 29, 2007 by Film_Hanger

Based on the best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Charles Vess.

This film is quite complicated: two parallel worlds – one ‘ours’ and the other a fantasy world where magic works – a love story and a coming of age story. It follows the adventures of Tristan – a 17 year boy coming into manhood. The film/story follows Tristan’s journey from adolescence through to manhood; along the way, he discovers true love, his courage, his true heritage, and some useful skills with a sword.

Tristan is the issue of a one-night-stand between Tristan’s father – from our world – and a market girl in the world of magic. It turns out that Tristan’s mother is actually a princess of the Royal House. So Tristan has a tenuous claim the the throne, and when Tristan’s seven uncles start dying off, his claim gets better an better. This thread of the story is obvious to the audience, but not to those in the story.

The other strong thread in the film is that of true love: Tristan thinks he loves one person, but actually loves another. This too becomes increasingly evident to all but Tristan.

Other threads: being true to yourself; ignorant young men should learn more before they set off; ignorant young men a well suited to the robust adventures, they stumble into due to ignorance, because their bodies can take the knocks!

Michelle Pfeiffer plays the evil witch.

Robert De Niro plays a camp pirate, who maintains a fierce fascade.



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