Nim’s Island

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Breslin plays Nim Ruscoe – a girl who lives on an island in the South Pacific with her marine biologist father, Jack; the the film takes its title from her. The father is played by Gerard Butler. The location of the island is secret, and dad and daughter secluded themselves there ever since Nim’s mother was lost at sea – when Nim was four years old.

Butler also plays author Alexandra Rover’s fictional action alter-ego Alex Rover: an Indian Jones type of adventurer. Alexandra, played by Jodie Foster, is in ‘real life’ agrophobic and automysophobic and kinetophobic and lots of other obics! Nim loves the Alex Rover books – some kind of Electra complex no doubt! – and Alex lets Alexandra roam the world (‘in the company of her ideal man’), without every going outside her apartment. which she has not set foot out of in 16 years!!

Against this improbable background Jack sails off – in search of plankton – leaving Nim alone on her island to look after the hatchlings from her ‘pet’ turtle. Alexandra/Alex makes contact with Nim, thinking it is Jake, regarding the volcano on the island. Inevitably, storms and other crises arise to challenge Nim. The growing connection that Alexandra feels for Nim forces her to leave her apartment and travel to the south seas to save Nim.

Alexandra’s journey is just great! It gently pokes fun at all sorts of things, including travel and phobias. Eventually: Alexandra arrives, doesn’t exactly saving Nim, but having grown as a person; the crises are seen off; and goodness, Alexandra even starts to forms bonds with Jack.

All a little far fetched, but entertaining enough for the price of admission. If anything, this film is an example of the power of the Internet – Nim and Alexandra email each other throughout the movie!



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