Cinderella on Ice

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I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had heard that it was not the classical story, but I enjoyed Swan Lake on Ice, so I thought that I would give the Imperial Ice Stars another go.

Warning: this review has plot details!

July 26, 2008 by

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The Cinderella story has definitely been upgraded. The opening sequence introduces Cinderella beside her dead mother and also introduces her father. The rest of first 15 minutes were a little bit confusing, still I worked my way through it.

Cinderalla instead of being reduced to being a scullery maid in the family kitchen is actually in the corp de ballet of a company of which her stepsisters are principal dancers – not very good ones at that. So, when on opening night of Swan Lake, one of them falls and hurts herself, Cinderella’s talent is finally recognised and she thrust into the main part! This brings her to the attention of the ‘Prince’ character – who has to organise a ball to meet her. Cinderella is so mobbed by well wishers at the post performance party that her doesn’t actually get to meet her!! The rest of the story is pretty much as the classic version, even though the setting is more Regency than Queen Anne. The stepmother ended up as a mixture of ballet-mum and Mrs Collins (as in Pride and Prejudice).

The production went out of its way to emphasis the importance of midnight. I thought that this was the most innovative aspect of the production. Cast members dressed up as the numbers in a clock face – this allowed the use modern-dance choreography and costumes without it being out of place with the Regency period. Full marks for using a tissu performer to be the clock hands in one of these sequences.

The stepsisters lost some of their significance in the re-worked story, they are just there to give smore credence to the step-mother character – if cinderella is to be discriminated against, there must be someone(s) who are favoured unfairly ahead of her . The ‘prince’ character is slightly diminished – he is now the Lord Mayor’s son (Andrei Penkine). By not making him royalty, some of the shine goes off the character. The contribution to the story made by the fairy godmother character increases; there is almost a sense of a dual between the fairy godmother and the step-mother.

There are three main charaters: Cinderella (Olga Sharutenko), her father (Vadim Yarkov) and her stepmother (Olena Pyatash). There is a bit of a love triangle: the father for both of them, each for him, and Cinderella also seeks acceptance from her stepmother.

The ice skating is brilliant: energetic, but precise. The stage/ice is quite crowded with skaters and props – there is no room for error. There are one handed carries – with the female partner held above the man’s head with a straight arm !

The Ice Stars have a managed curtain call: at the end of the performance, two of the cast gets the crowd clapping madly and then cast members take turns doing tricks. This slightly artifical segment is well worth it, as the cast does spectacular tricks without having to worry about the story telling ! Just natural joy in having mastered difficult tricks.




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  2. I have seen the show, and that night the most impressive part was by the mayor’s son by Andrei Penkine, his triple jumps and scratch spins are spectacular and the addagio of “out to impicree” just awesome!

  3. He certainly skated very well – not doubt about it, and his curtain call sequence was impressive.

    – PH

  4. Thanks Luke for bringing the Australia Stage Online article to everyone’s attention – as you say it is a nice summary.

    But for copyright reasons, I don’t feel comfortable reproducing it in full as a comment. I have created a link to the – Stephenie Glickman’s articel

  5. Would it be alright if I offer a small idea? Perhaps you
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