Eagle Eye

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Prior to the screening of Taken, the following trailer registered with me.

Sep 22, 2008 by Film_Trailer_Hanger

The trailer left me with two threads: a man appears framed for terrorism to coerce him to rob an armoured car; a woman’s son is threaten, to coerce her into assisting with the robbery. But to what end? Who’s is the calm assertive voice on the phone, who gives our reluctant puppets their instructions?

I was intrigued and made a mental note to see it when it came out of a media format that suited me.

This is a Trailer Review


A few days later, I had some time to spare, so I went to see it. Warning: plot revealed.

September 25, 2008 by

Film Hanger

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This film is set Washington DC. It is Die Hard 4.0 meets 2001.

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf) a gifted but undriven young man is suddenly pitched into some weird terrorist intrigue, when he is framed for terrorism and then gets instructions from a woman who can communicate with him by any networked device. Likewise Rachel Holloman (Rachel Monaghan), a struggling solo mother, is pitched into the conspiracy, when unseen forces threaten her son; she too, get instructions from the woman at the end of the phone.

Our reluctant heros/villians take a little while to adjust to their new role as modern day ‘Bonny and Clydes.’ The early segment is dominated by the calm voice of their ‘controller.’

It turns out that the voice belongs to a computer, and our two reluctants are its proxies. It becomes clear after awhile, that the computer wants them to blow something up. The question in my mind for the second half of them film: was it the President, or the computer itself? – to find out see the film 🙂

Eagle Eye is just a little formula. The two protagonists don’t really invoke much sympathy – LaBeouf comes accross very well as the twin who lived in the shadow of his much much more capable brother all his life; Monaghan does her best – but is not given much time to work with – strong editing puts the main focus is on LaBeouf’s character. There is a computer taking control of all the networked devices. Democracy is in danger. There is even time for some romance.

The Major Bowman character was just too much of a ‘hat tip to 2001’; and as if that wasn’t enough director D j Caruso has him (Anthony Mackie) and Agent Zoe Perez (Rosario Dawson) pulling hard drives out of racks.

Billy Bob Thornton plays FBI Senior Agent in Charge Toby Grant. It is his job to apprehend Jerry and Rachel. He makes the most of it.

Still, a reasonable diversion for two hours.



WOW 2008

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I went to the dress rehearsal of this year’s World Of Wearableart (WOW) Award Show.

This is not a dress pagent; it is not a pure fashion show; and it is not a pure dance show. A better description would be Cirque de Soleil without the high intensity acrobatics.

Sep 24, 2008 by Show_Hanger

A memorable 20th Anniversary show.

The highlights for me were:

  • The South Pacific Section
  • The UV Section
  • The Inspired by Architecture Section

The South Pacific Section was set amongst – what appeared to be – full sized nikau palms! They looked like WOW had transplanted some from the Civic Square. This year there two wahine singing and the section was finished with a memorable dance – where the dancers were dressed and moved as Tuis.

The UV – officially known as the Illuminated – section was spectacular. I hope the garment that had a fat Charlie Chaplin like character teamed with a thin black character against a UV white disc wins.

The Inspired by Architecture Section was very original. Dancers clad in silver unitards came out of the floor, onto a dimly lit stage, carrying handheld spotlights which they used to illuminate the first two or three models. Then as more and more garments came on, a ‘silver person’ built a tower! Then the ‘silver people’ ‘danced’ inside the tower. Brilliant!

I did find the music a little loud – but hopefully they will turn the volume down 5-10 percent for the shows.



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I had some time to spare and this film fitted my time constraints, so I went to see it.

September 22, 2008 by

Film Hanger

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This film is set mainly in Paris, and by the end of it no parent will let their daughters to visit it!

The film is about Bryan (Liam Neeson) – a recently retired CIA operative’s attempts to rebuild his relationship with his estranged daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). But first of all he must safe her from ‘white slavers’.

Despite his concerns: Kim and a friend go to Paris in their summer vacation to ‘see museums and art galleries’. Both are no sooner installed in her friend’s cousins’ Paris appartment, than they are abducted by ‘white slavers’. Using some old CIA contacts Bryan is able to identify the group and is told that typically if abductees are not ‘retrieved’ within 96 hours then they are unlikely never to be seen again.

It turns out that Bryan was no desk bound analyst and he starts to cut a bloody and destructive path through the Paris underworld. Along the way he encounters a former ally, who turns out to have sold out. By the time you see what the white slavers are doing to their victims, you have no simpathy at all for Bryan’s ‘victims’ – as he brutalises, kills, threatens, and tortures his way closer to his daughter.

This was a very disturbing film. There is graphic violence, graphic torture, and extreme brutality to women. What was most disturbing was the idea that young women could be abducted in a western capital and forced in a short brutal life of drugs and prostitution while the authorities stand by and do nothing.


I wish that I had chosen another film to occupy my time!

The Forbidden Kingdom

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While stuck on a plane, I watched this king fu movie.

September 7, 2008 by

Film Hanger

Paper Hanger Blog
New Zealand

The highlight of the film is the fight between Jet Li (a silent monk) and Jackie Chan (a drunken monk); and the film is worth seeing mainly for this sequence.

The rest of the film is some contrived – but then aren’t they all – story about a kung-fu obsessed American teenager who goes backwards in time and sideways in reality to rescue monkey (as in Journey to the West) who has been frozen as a statute by an enemy. He provides the apprentice figure that is well intentioned and generally a menace to everyone around him, but eventually comes right; pretty standard story line.

To ‘balance out’ things there is also a young girl – Golden Sparrow (played by Liu Yifei) – who wants to kill the said enemy of monkey for her own personal reasons.

A ‘must see’ if you are a Jet Li or Jackie Chan fan.


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