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I had some time to spare and this film fitted my time constraints, so I went to see it.

September 22, 2008 by

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This film is set mainly in Paris, and by the end of it no parent will let their daughters to visit it!

The film is about Bryan (Liam Neeson) – a recently retired CIA operative’s attempts to rebuild his relationship with his estranged daughter Kim (Maggie Grace). But first of all he must safe her from ‘white slavers’.

Despite his concerns: Kim and a friend go to Paris in their summer vacation to ‘see museums and art galleries’. Both are no sooner installed in her friend’s cousins’ Paris appartment, than they are abducted by ‘white slavers’. Using some old CIA contacts Bryan is able to identify the group and is told that typically if abductees are not ‘retrieved’ within 96 hours then they are unlikely never to be seen again.

It turns out that Bryan was no desk bound analyst and he starts to cut a bloody and destructive path through the Paris underworld. Along the way he encounters a former ally, who turns out to have sold out. By the time you see what the white slavers are doing to their victims, you have no simpathy at all for Bryan’s ‘victims’ – as he brutalises, kills, threatens, and tortures his way closer to his daughter.

This was a very disturbing film. There is graphic violence, graphic torture, and extreme brutality to women. What was most disturbing was the idea that young women could be abducted in a western capital and forced in a short brutal life of drugs and prostitution while the authorities stand by and do nothing.


I wish that I had chosen another film to occupy my time!


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