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I went to the dress rehearsal of this year’s World Of Wearableart (WOW) Award Show.

This is not a dress pagent; it is not a pure fashion show; and it is not a pure dance show. A better description would be Cirque de Soleil without the high intensity acrobatics.

Sep 24, 2008 by Show_Hanger

A memorable 20th Anniversary show.

The highlights for me were:

  • The South Pacific Section
  • The UV Section
  • The Inspired by Architecture Section

The South Pacific Section was set amongst – what appeared to be – full sized nikau palms! They looked like WOW had transplanted some from the Civic Square. This year there two wahine singing and the section was finished with a memorable dance – where the dancers were dressed and moved as Tuis.

The UV – officially known as the Illuminated – section was spectacular. I hope the garment that had a fat Charlie Chaplin like character teamed with a thin black character against a UV white disc wins.

The Inspired by Architecture Section was very original. Dancers clad in silver unitards came out of the floor, onto a dimly lit stage, carrying handheld spotlights which they used to illuminate the first two or three models. Then as more and more garments came on, a ‘silver person’ built a tower! Then the ‘silver people’ ‘danced’ inside the tower. Brilliant!

I did find the music a little loud – but hopefully they will turn the volume down 5-10 percent for the shows.




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  1. Wow. WOW outdoes the fahion world with imaginative & amazing clothing as art.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. Also, the WOW show is a clever weave of a dance production and a fashion show. Malia Johnson is one of New Zealands top contemporary choreographers.

    It is amazing, but the September/October shows (there are 8) are all pretty much sold out by May/June!

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