True Blood – Season 1, episode 4

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I managed to catch the last 80% of episode 4 of True Blood as air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night. Warning: plot revealed.

April 8, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 4 (season 1).

While they are questioning Jason ‘brain in his pants’ Stackhouse down at the police station and town hall (Bon Temps must be a small place), the ‘V’ – vampire blood – Jason gulped down to avoid arrest for pocession of a controlled substance kicks in; Jason suffers the grandmother of priapasm. Jason’s sleeping with women who are about to be found dead – as per the end of Episode 3 – is getting him into hot water with the townsfolk. I hope that Ryan Kwanten is not too type cast by his excellent portrayal of Jason Stackhouse.

The sex theme just keeps on rocking: Jason’s character is completely taken over by his manhood (maybe an attempt to cleverly not take his character too seriously) and Sookie goes undercover in a vampire bar. Paquin’s innocent characterisation reminds me of Susan Sarandon in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sookie – Paquin – is now deliberately using her power to listen in on people’s thoughts to find the real killer before Jason is lynched by the townsfolk. So she talks Bill – the vampire, Moyer – into taking her to the vampire bar in a nearby town; “it’s not a date!” The bar reminds me of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s video for Relax – leather, bondage, …

Just when the leave-the-heroine-in-a-bad-situation ending was in danger of wearing a bit thin, we see Sam Merlotte – Trammell – basking, cat like, on the bed of the last murdered waitress.


I am starting to loose interest in this series.


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