True Blood – Season 1, Episode 7

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Wanting to know what terrible thing Uncle Bartlett had done, I tuned into episode 6 of True Blood as air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night. Warning: plot revealed.

April 29, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 7 (season 1).

Uncle Bartlett doesn’t last long; post-coitus Sookie (Paquin) tells vampire Bill (Moyer) one of the reasons she has never been comfortable with sexual intimacy. It turns out Uncle Bartlett (Wilbur) had some unwholesome thoughts towards her when she was young and had her sit on his lap. In the flashback Sookie hears the thoughts and flees to her grandmother. Later Bill fatally fangs Uncle Barlett and dumps him into the swamp.

We find out that Tara’s mother’s demon – mentioned last episode – is a real one, and we see a Southern exorcism. The exorcism appears to be successful, but the old witch tells Tara (Wesley) to come back when she is ready to get rid of hers. The demon is successfully transferred to a possum – which is immediately drowned! – don’t watch this episode if you like possums!

Thes episode ends with an old fashion house burning. Some of the young men of Bons Temps find that having not one but four vampires in town is too much. So during the day, while the vampires are sleeping, the ‘boys’ firebomb their house. Sookie is left thinking that Bill is in one of the four coffins that are dug up out of the hot debris.

Oh yes, there is the obligatory sex scene involving Jason (Kwanten) – Sookie’s estranged brother. His addition to ‘V’ is so strong that he steals their recently deceased grandmother’s jewellery to fund his habit.

I am turned off by the direction and treatment of the series, and probably won’t both to watch anymore episodes; so this will probably be my last posting this series.



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  1. what happine to the new episode of true blood
    to day is Sunday and HBO is giving last week episode

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