District 9

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Warning: plot elements revealed.

September 13, 2009 by

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It is set in a ‘near future’ Johannesberg, South Africa. Where an huge Alien spaceship has floated above the city for 20 years. Where for 20 years the million plus (and multiplying) crew/passengers have lived in District 9 – in one massive ghetto. The film holds up a mirror for South Africa and the world.

Yes, the Aliens are treated very badly; and are being cleared out of their shanties to a new place – District 10 – where they can be better looked after – or is that controlled? (and where they can make the sequel); “you don’t want to be there it is like a concentration camp” – as if District 9 isn’t one already.

Humans can’t work any of the Alien technology; because, the equipment is keyed to DNA/biology. Yet, there are big business interests who are becoming increasingly frustrated at the delay in exploiting the Alien technology.

Into all of this steps Wikus Van De Merwe (superbly played by Sharlto Copley) – a mild mannered civil servant. What happens to him and the events that unfold around him will change the status quo and forms the film.

I am glad that I have watched all of the Aliens, Mad Max and Starship Trooper movies, they prepared me nicely – inured me – for the splatter elements in this movie. It is a good movie – but very violent. Neill Blomkamp has done a good job with the directing.

There might be a sequel – District 10. Events are set up nicely for one, with Wikus missing, his manipulative father-in-law still on the scene, and promises made by the aliens.



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