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Went to see the 3-D version of Avatar afew week; I’ve been a bit busy and so have taken a while to write my thoughts up. But, the film has been out for awhile, so I am sure there are many reviews and opinion pieces. Warning: plot elements revealed.

February 7, 2010 by

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This James Cameron directed film is sure to win many awards for the special effects. The depiction of the Na’vi and their home world – Pandora – is just amazing. The 3 dimensional effects are realistics and never abused.

The storyline has no real surprises: natives sitting on top of valuable mineral deposites, but don’t want to move; man finds the values of the natives more appealing that those of his own; and do the right thing.

Sam Worthington us Jake Sully, a former marine, who is now a paraplegic, who is made an offer he can’t refuse: go off world and work off his twin brother’s contract with the mining company, and earn enough money to be able to afford the expensive medical treatment that will let him walk again. Jake is a must because, only he can operate the avatar grown partly from his twin brother’s DNA.

We see Jake increasing prefer the avatar over his own body: he has the full use of a powerful body adapted for the planet (of Pandora), the natives are noble (and one – Neytiri, played by Zoe Saldana – of them likes him), and the humans are either money grubbing capitalists, or violent physcopaths.

So the stage is set for the showdown between doing the right thing and doing the selfish thing.

Sigourney Weaver’s talents are rarely given a workout. It has the feel of an Alien(s) re-union. With Michelle Rodriguez, the one person in the corporation’s security group to be given any moral character, reminding me of Jenette Goldstein!

I was a little disappointed by the storyline: no one sends cavalry against machine guns; if the Na’vi aerial elements could take some of the security helicopters on the first pass – why couldn’t take them all?; what a rediculous name for the ore! I am not convinced that the ore could be mined and transported economically enough to make a profit – there were no signs of planetary lift capability much advanced of our current capabilities. The costs of developing and growing avatars would be massive.



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