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The ski movie; not a remake of the soap opera!!

I went to see Warren Miller’s latest film – Friday night, 11 June – and the skiing and boarding was so good and extreme that I found it hard to relate what I do and what I was seeing! I so wish I could ski a quarter as good as these guys.

The theme of the film was very loosely based around family – generations of skiers and borders. This was the 60th Warren Millar film, and kind of appropriate to look at snow sport as a way of life that binds generations together. It gave the film editors the opportunity to fit in some old footage. There is no plot – but who cares: part travelogue and part documentary.

The laid-back narration by Jonny Mosley’s gave the film a relaxed can do attitude – first descents are the norm!

My best segment was the part when the guys visit the Altai mountains and spend time with a community that has kept alive the oldest form of skiing on the planet. The ‘Altaians’ go faster than our intrepid visitors – “turning just slows you down”, “too many burgers have made them girly-men”. The locals using wooden skis lined with horse hair to ‘skin’ up hill faster than our guys and bomb down faster, all without any goggles. Oh, just one ski pole – more like a quarter staff – used to pole along or as a rudder and brake when going down hill. Hard men indeed. The altar mountains breed a hardy people – lets not forget that they took part in the most feared road trip in history: the Mogol tour of Europe!

In a film crammed with amazing feats, I have to mention the helicopter pilots. Heli-skiing pilots must be a breed apart. They never really land on the top of the peak, or ridge line. Often there is not enough room to put down a helicopter; instead, they fly with the passenger side landing skid just touching the slope.

Go see the film if you can; otherwise just get on the snow and ski/board (safely) !


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