The Blind Side

June 14, 2010 at 1:04 am | Posted in Film Review | 1 Comment
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I went to see this movie the other day – 12 June 2010 – and was quite moved.

The Blind Side is about the way Michael Oher‘s life change when he was taken in by a wealthy family.

‘Taken in’ and ‘changed’ does not do justice to the way the Tuohy family involved themselves with Michael’s life; or the way it changed theirs.

Michael has huge list of disadvantages as a child, and it is a credit to him and the Tuohys that he overcame them. Michael is a young man with great dignity.

It is not a sports movie per se; but, if you like sport, it has American Football action. If you like a sentimental movie, then there is something for you. If you like a feel-good movie, then there is something for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about American Fooball – the film explains everything you need to know. The only thing they don’t explain is the America Grade Point Average system! Michael needs an average of 80% or more in his final year to get to a Division 1 university.

The core of the Tuohy family – Leigh Anne Tuohy – is played by Sandra Bullock; who won an Oscar for her performance. Michael is played by Quinton Aaron.

Worth seeing at the movie theatre for the big screen sports action.

Worth seeing – I enjoyed it.


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