Harry Brown

August 26, 2010 at 4:51 am | Posted in Film Review | 2 Comments
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I went to see Harry Brown: it looked interesting (revenge, decline of civilisation) and it had Michael Caine in it.

This film is grim and raw; some of the characterisations are just scary – Sean Harris, as Stretch, deserves an award for most scary and convincing drugged-out-gunrunner.

The action all takes place on a housing estate; history may well record that one of the origins of the decline of British social values was the post-war housing estates. Just as Caine is no longer Alfie; Britain is not little villages in a green and pleasant land.

Harry, a former Royal Marine, highly decorated, with no surviving family, decides to avenge the murder of his friend Len – played by David Bradley. Harry is driven to this because the police and justice system seem powerless to give Len justice. The police’s attempt to clamp down on the gang results in a riot that the police only just manage to contain. During the riot Harry finds and confronts the kingpin running most of the crime on the estate.

This film is so well made, the performances so good, that I felt unwell afterwards.



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  1. In the hands of a lesser actor, this would feel just as clichéd as it sounds. But Caine brings his smarts as well as his baggage to the character, making him more than another mad-as-hell guy with a gun. Nice Review!

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