NZSD Graduation 2010: Kiwi Programme

November 19, 2010 at 12:18 am | Posted in Dance Review, Show Review | 2 Comments
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Last night, I went to the opening night for the New Zealand School of Dance 2010 Graduation Season’s Kiwi Programme. For the first time the School is splitting the ballet away from the contemporary dance, spreading the complete programme over two nights.

The Kiwi Programme is the contemporary dance segment, with all of the works choreographed by New Zealand choreographers – Craig Bary, Sarah Foster, Raewyn Hill, Malia Johnston and Michael Parmenter.

It was great.

I particularly enjoyed the Malia Johnston piece (atoms & Eve) and the Raewyn Hill piece (Dance for Sixteen).

In atoms & Eve, Johnston develops the concepts she played with in WOW 2010 and produces a very logically structured and watchable work. The dancers start off ‘naked’ (in flesh coloured bras and boy-legs) and progressively put on more clothes (with more colour) as they go off and back onto the stage. Their single group dance composed of simple moves packed together, switches to more complex moves in ever increasing groups of ever deminishing size. Then it all goes backwards: they loose their clothes and their colour and eventually return to being a single group. The dancers were asked to be bold and athletic – I particularly liked the clever continuous forward-walkovers.

Dance for Sixteen came across to me as angels (16 of them) dancing for joy in the fields of God. The dancers’ sheer joy and enthusiasm was infectious, and the simple white flowing gown complemented the choreography. The music was very nice too. The dance was lyrical – relatively slow and gracefull – borrowing as much from classical ballet as contemporary dance. A fine piece to end the evening on.

Go if you can get tickets.



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  1. Thanks for the great review. I’d be keen to read your other reviews of dance so please add me to your list. thanks


  2. […] to the New Zealand School of Dance Graduation Season 2010: Kylian Programme. I had gone to see the Kiwi Programme last week and was really looking forward to an evening showcasing the School’s ballet […]

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