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I went to see the latest Warren Millar film last night; and as Emma Lester, the events organiser for the New Zealand leg of the film, said: “It must be the start of winter!”.

Wintervention was filled with the usual amazing skiing and boarding – in amazing places. The film, rather the skiers, went to both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles!

The Antarctic scenery was stunning; seeing people skiing there was both thrilling and a little unsettling – could we not leave one piece of the planet undisturbed? This particular crew, took a ship from Chile and then zodiac-ed to shore. Then it was skins and crampons to the top of some slopes. Then skiing down – not powder but slightly icy snow. No runout at the bottom of the slope – just straight into the Antarctic water.

The Artic scenes were on the island of Spitsbergen. Three intrepid skiers camped for part of the northern summer – skiing whenever they felt like it. There were some amazing shots of the sun going along, constantly above the horizon. There were shots of cute polar bears – on Spitsbergen you must be armed, to defend yourself from cute polar bears!

This year the film had a bit more structure. The narrator, was part of the film – John Moseley played a radio host of a snow oriented show, taking phone calls from listeners.

Every year the places get more amazing and the slope steeper !! This year’s amazing heli-skiing shot, was of a Hughes MD/500 going near vertical hugging a slope! BTW, skiers and borders call helicopters – “hellies”, not the more martial “chopper”.

Great exposure for Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand: great heli-skiing, bungy jumping, jet-boating, crazy Kiwis and normal sheep. Local boy Jossi Wells got two segments in the film!


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