Disturbia: a Tale of Terror

October 8, 2011 at 11:40 pm | Posted in Ballet Review, Dance Review, Recital Review, Show Review | 2 Comments
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Last night, I went to see the Whitireia (Institute of Technology) Year One Commercial Dance students’ end of year production. It was fun and I really enjoyed it.

The evening began with an energetic tap version of the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was a very clever homage to an iconic show, and set the tone nicely for the rest of the evening. The foyer being decorated like a graveyard also helped set the scene!

The whole horror theme was put to good use with a number of UV pieces – the dancing Skeletons were particularly effective.

Two individual performances stood out: the Black Cat solo and the doll in Reflections.

Reading the dancers’ bio.s in the foyer revealed that most of them had ballet training, and this showed in a number of pieces – particularly “Spirits”, with some very nice lines and grand jetes. Having two staff with extensive professional ballet experience can’t do any harm either – Anderson and Samblaceno.

From the dancers’ bio.s and watching the performance, it seem clear to me that the standard of dancer and dance has steadily increasing over the last few years – perhaps the benefit of being part of the better resourced Whitireia. The production demonstrated a range of dance styles, including drama (Werewolves), burlesque (Vampires), and even musical theatre (Witches).

Even though it was the last show, the cast – Brianna Coughlin, Cassandra Wallis, Chelsea O’Rielly, Ebony Sushames, Eliana King, Hope Bartley, Jennifer Maxwell, Karis Vernon, Kate Bruce, Kate Holden, Kelly Wisniewski, Laura Vaughan, Melissa Bardell, Michaella Sayer, Natalie, Morris, Natasha Hammond, Olivia Van Den Yssel, Racquel Brant-Partridge, and Rebecca Hulse – poured out their energy and enthusiasm – good work guys.

Whitireia should promote these productions more widely.



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  1. Just wondering who the author of this review is.


    • All of the reviews on this blog are by me – someone who lives in Wellington and tries to attend the local dance productions. I am not a dancer and have no professional association with the dance establishment; I am just an average person who likes to go and share my impressions of what I see with the web.


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