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I went to a studio performance at the New Zealand School of Dance. This is really a chance for the School to promote its end of year performance and give the show’s participants a rehearsal opportunity with a bit more bite.

There were 16 pieces shown: a mixture of classical ballet, ‘modern’ ballet, and contemporary dance. Four pieces stayed in my mind:

  • La Bayadere Act 2
  • Spring and Fall
  • Prince’s solo from The Nutcracker Act II
  • Excerpts from Company B

Lee Jia Xi, in the La Bayadere excerpt, impressed me with her leaps and jumps that at times terminated with an arabesque.

Spring and Fall, was an interesting piece – being a lyrical solo for a male dancer. Caue Frias’ long limbs fitted well with the choreography.

The prince’s solo was a wonderful show piece for Christopher Gerty’s talents – in a minute and a half or so, there were powerful jumps and well controlled pirouettes. It started with a slight slip, but Gerty retained his composure and delivered a fine performance; so I was surprised when he felt the need to repeated the whole piece.

The music of the Andrews Sisters is always appealing with its cheer and warm voices, so Company B was very attractive. I was particularly interested to see that it was classical ballet vocabulary used in new ways.

The end of year performance looks well worth going to.


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