42nd Street (Wellington, 2011)

October 11, 2011 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Dance Review, Musical Review, Show Review | 1 Comment
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I went to the Wellington Musical Theatre production of 42nd Street last night, at the St James theatre.

I got to see/hear some classic Broadway numbers, such as: Lullaby of Broadway and We’re in the Money.

The tap dancing was was impressive. Almost all of the dancing was tap, with a little bit of jazz and ballet thrown in for good measure. I did not think the short en pointe segment added significantly to the evening and would have preferred to see another tap number. There isn’t much tap dancing on show in Wellington, and it was nice to see a stage full of talented tap dancers going for it. Tap can be pretty unforgiving, as any one dancer lagging or leading is very audible; so good on them for getting out there – especially in the numbers where the band did not provide any backing music.

The costumes were very nice – lots of glitter, good fitting (without being confining), and well put made. The props and lighting were very good; the mirror to show the Busby Berkeley dance sequence – dancers in circular patterns ‘swimming’ – was genius.

It was good to have live music – the winds, the brass, some strings and some percussion from the Vector Welling Orchestra provided some great numbers.

The two standout performers on the night, for me, were: Courtney Hale (who as Peggy Sawyer in the space of 36 hours goes from chorus-girl to star) and Kelly Maguren (who is Andy Lee the dance master).


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