Every Little Step (2008)

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I was hoping to catch this at the annual International Film Festival (in Wellington, New Zealand), but missed it. So I was really happy to find it on DVD.

Every Little Step is a documentary film is about the 2006 revival of the Broadway hit 1975 A Chorus Line.

Inevitable it is also the story of the original cast and production. From watching the DVD, I found out that the original production was based on the stories of the original cast. This documentary film is interleaved with footage from the original show and the dancers/singers/actors trying out for the characters.

Even though you never see very much of the production, singing and dancing is fantastic. These must be some of the best proponents of musical theatre that one might see anywhere.

The documentary does a great job of showing the story behind A Chorus Line, as well as opening a window into the harsh world of a professional dancer. The story is at two levels; everything in this film is at two levels: A Chorus Line is about dancers auditioning for a show (based real stories), while the DVD is about dancers auditioning to play dancers auditioning! The documentary follows some of the hopefuls as they go from the public open auditions to the final call-back.

The audition process is harsh: relentless and in the full glare of everyone. There must be few professions where you go through an eight month long audition process and then endure another eight month rehearsal period before you get to do it ‘for real’.

The documentary interviews members of both the original cast and crew; and the revival cast (and some of their families) and crew. Bob Avian, the director of the revival gives quite a bit of his time to the documentary – and comes across as a genuinely caring for all the dancers he see. Marvin Hamlisch who wrote the original music is also interviewed.

Directors Adam Del Deo and James D. Stern have done a great job.


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