New Zealand School of Dance Choreographic Season 2012

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I went to Te Whaea the other night, to see the 2012 season of the third year dancers’ choreographic season.

There were 10 works:

  • Bait, Choreographed by Emma Dellabarca
  • !, by Simone Lapaka
  • Weight Over Me, by Matte Roffe
  • Axis Mundi, by Jimi Pham
  • Human Im-pulse, by Andrew Miller
  • It’s All Fun and Games, by Brydie Colquhoun
  • Pace, by Andrew Searle
  • Lesson 1, by Gareth Okan
  • 75 Squared, by Francesca Sampson (and dancers)
  • Facade, by Samantha Hines

The 10 items had enough in common that they were staged as one continuous work. They told a storey. This was not modern dance in the extreme abstract – I liked the fact that the choreographers, set designer (Oliver Morse), and lighting provided some ‘handrails’ to the story telling. There were props and a verbal component in the sound track. In ! there is a sound track of Sir david Attenborough ‘going on’ about bird mating rituals! Bait uses intermittent lighting to create a cinematographic effect.

Jimi Pham’s Axis Mundi lets him use his music training – he plays the piano – and is able to choreograph the dancers in real-time (through the tempo of the music).

Brydie Colquhuon’s It’s All Fun and Games was definitely not – the couple start off much in love but end up having a most realistic dance fight.

Lesson 1, by Gareth Okan, used a voice over to help the audience ‘read’ what fortune cookies he was using to help him navigate through life! The choreography used dancers to be his alter egos – as they acted out his own advice!

75 Squared, by Francesca Sampson, started with a rolled square of ‘wood’ falling onto the stage from the celling – to form a constrained dance floor on the wider dance floor. There was also the clever use of hand lights to hint at who was the puppet master and who were being controlled.

The performance ended with Facade, by Samantha Hines. Which had a great ‘hands dancing’ sequence.

An enjoyable evening – worth popping along if you can get tickets.

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