Nobel’s Last Will

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A chance came up to see a Scandinavian film – Nobel’s Last Will – the other night, and I enjoyed it. The scenes of Stockholm in winter and at night did not do the film any harm.

The plot revolves around three strong women: Annika Bengtzon (Malin Crépin), Kitten (Antje Traue), and Caroline von Behring (Anna von Rosen). Annika is a journalist – a crime reporter – mother and wife. Kitten, real name never revealed, is a professional killer. Caroline is head of the Nobel committee for the medicine prize. The three meet at the gala ball following the Nobel Prizes ceremony, and before the ball is over one will be dead, one will have been shot, and one will have had a ‘gag’ order served on her.

On the face of it, a Nobel prizewinner was the target of an attempted assassination by terrorists, but Annika is not sure.

The film follows Annika through a series of twits and turns till she confronts the mastermind behind the killings – as the film progresses the bodies stack up.

The film is in Swedish – with sub-titles. Which just adds to the feel of the film. The film and the Swedes are very different from the run of the mill Hollywood thrillers.

There are some nice touches: Annika tells a boy who has been bullying her son at day care that she will “kill him” if he threatens or hurts her son again. This showed me that she was not that different from Kitten!

See it if you get a chance. The fact that practically everyone looks very attractive in a Scandinavian way doesn’t do the film any harm 🙂


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