Rock the Ballet

June 12, 2012 at 8:10 am | Posted in Ballet Review, Dance Review, Show Review | 1 Comment
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I went to Rasta Thomas’ Rock the Ballet the other night.

As it says in it’s promotion: it is “a joyous, sexy, high energy dance show filled with awesome music, and set to a backdrop of cool animated scenery.”

From their resumes and their performance on stage, the dancers would not be out of place in any top classical company. The dancers were just fantastic. The choreography took full advantage of their classical training and added touches of other other dance genres and gymnastics.

There was lots of energy. The music was some of the most well known and top rock songs in recent times. The splits, high kicks, press to handstands (and other variants), and grand jetes were some of the best executed I have ever seen on stage.

But I was disappointed. At times I felt I was watching an extended rock music video – the dancers were complementing the music and not the other way around – I was reminded of the Oomph Dancers on Ready to Roll. At other times I felt I was watching a better execution of The Full Monty – these segments certainly appealed to some of the ladies in the audience!

I liked the duets the most – I like a story, rather than pure abstraction. So I would have like to see more choreography where the dancers interact with each other.

Still I am glad to have seen it as it helped me clarify what I enjoy about dance – and the dancers were very very good.


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