Life is Movement

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I went to see Life is Movement the other day and really enjoyed it.

The film gives a really good look behind the scenes of two contemporary dance works – Construct and 12th Floor. These were the last two work choreographed by Tanja Liedtke – the film is monument to her.

In 2007, 29-year-old choreographer Tanja Liedtke had just been appointed artistic director of the Sydney Dance Company. But before she could take up the role she was run down and killed by a truck during an early morning walk.

The film skillfully uses footage shot by Liedtke and her company and interviews with her former dancers – inter alia: Solon Ulbrich and Kristina Chan – and even the interview she gave when she was appointed.

After her death, members of her old company embark on a world tour with her last work – 12th Floor. Sort of a memorial tour. Footage from the tour is also used.

The film gives a really good glimpse into the creative process and of Tanja Liedtke talents as a choreographer and playwright. To me Construct and 12th Floor look more like plays that are danced, rather than dance rendered down into an abstraction.

We also see footage of Liedtke when she trained as a classical ballerina. I was left wanting to see more of her life: what caused her to switch from classic ballet to contemporary dance? she did spend one year with Rambert.


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