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The opening event of the 2012 Blow Creative Arts Festival – put on by Massey University’s College of Creative Arts – included an innovative fashion show exhibiting 13 graduating designers: Front Back let people see the clothes on the catwalk and up close, and see behind the scenes.

The venue and staging subtly co-opted the audience into taking part – for me this will be the closest I will ever get to being behind the scenes of a fashion show.

The show combined live action with screen projection: the fashion show was projected against an entire wall of the venue. The venue itself was arranged with a long island (perpendicular to the screen), of clothes rack, designers, models, hair and make-up people, a steam iron, and generally real fashion show items. These combined with the stark clean white bare surrounds created a very effective ‘set’.

The audience was able to circulate around the island – looking at the ‘behind the scenes’ activity, get a close look at the clothes, and/or look at the screen – take photos etc.

The cast of designers, models, etc played themselves. Of course the clothes were the actual ones designed and made by the designers – also quite elegantly dressed. It was all very glamourous.

A model would walk through a door and appear on the screen. At first, it looked like the model was just in another room – relayed by a camera. But then the clothes changed magically on the model, on the screen. This avoided the models having to actually change clothes in front of the audience. Then the model, on screen, would walk back through ‘the door’ into the set.

The clothes were beautiful, and I wish the designers all the best.

Well done Alex Barton for the concept and a great production.


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