Killing Them Softly

November 22, 2012 at 8:29 am | Posted in Film Review | Leave a comment
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I saw Killing Them Softly the other day and was quite surprised.

It was not just a ‘muck with the mafia and you die’ film.

The film had a number of layers. Yes, there was the ‘mafia enforcer cleans up’ plot – Brad Pitt is the enforcer. Who likes to do his job with a minimum of emotional fuss – hence the name. Then there is the ‘mafioso are people too’ – James Gandolfini is the hit man with ‘some issues’. But the really interesting layer was the ‘the economy runs on trust and confidence’ one. The underground economy – like any other economy – stops when people stop playing by the rules and no one can be sure of what the rules are and so they all hold onto their cash.

So, the confidence of the market must be reset, people’s perceptions need to be corrected, and Brad Pitt is tasked to do it. Those who broke the rules of the market must be removed – violently.

The film pushes the [black] economy angle very hard – whenever there is a TV on it is showing President Obama campaigning (for his first term) and the Global Financial Crisis playing out as the backdrop to the election.

The R16 rating is a good indicator of the violence.

Oh yes, organised crime has gone corporate and decision making is by committee, with a Secretary – an accountant – who project manages the Pitt’s character.


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