A Good Day to Die Hard

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I saw A Good Day to Die Hard – or “Die Hard 5” – today. Warning: plot elements revealed!

Bruce Willis is John McClane – a New York detective – heads to Moscow to ‘save’ his son John McClane (Jai Courtney) from an attempted murder charge. Instead he steps into a mass of trouble – all of it of his own making.

This film is more about the two McClanes and the nature of their relationship to each other, than a film where Willis/McClane(Snr) escapes one death trap after another – and both McClanes escape one death-trap after another.

The film starts off with McClane (Snr) thinking that McClane (Jnr) needs bailing out and ends up mucking up a CIA mission three years in the making. It turns out that Junior is just working for the CIA, and Senior blows the whole mission! The early part of the film all about an American abroad – interfering without understanding and generally causing a huge mess. I lost all sympathy for McClane (Snr) and it took lots of mindless violence for me to recover a sense of suspension-of-dis-belief.

There is an interesting juxtaposition of another father-child relationship – one that works quite effectively: Komarov (Sebastian Koch) and Irina (Yuliya Snigir). The latter are the baddies in this film, and desipte appearance always have a strong bond. The McClanes had a parting of the ways, and through continually escaping death-traps, they re-bond.

Is this a passing of the torch?


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