Silver Linings Playbook

March 29, 2013 at 1:00 am | Posted in Film Review | 1 Comment
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I must admit that the only reason I went to see this at the theatre, rather than wait for the DVD at the library, was because of Jennifer Lawrence. I saw her in the Hunger Games; in Winter Bone; and she won an Academy Award for this movie.

Warning: Plot elements revealed.

The film is about two people, with mental health issues, dealing with their issues, while also dealing with life. It gets a bit intense – Bradley Cooper (Pat) and Jennifer Lawrence (Tiffany) develop coping strategies, all the while getting use to each other and life in general.

It is really more of a light drama than a romantic comedy.

The movie lets Lawrence demonstrate her versatility.

It is also a dance movie! Tiffany has always wanted to enter a dance competition, but needs a partner – Pat. Cooper is quite a good mover!

Robert de Niro is Pat’s dad – a man with borderline OCD! he gives a wonderful performance.

Worth a go, but it is not a funny as you might expect.


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  1. It may not pack the punch of O. Russell’s previous-work, but taking in mind the different tones and audiences; I think this will be the one I always stop to watch on television while I’m channel surfing on the weekends. Good review.

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