Olympus Has Fallen

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Olympus has Fallen is strictly a boys’ movie.

Plot discussed – in some detail

Once Ashley Judd’s character dies in the opening minutes – never to be seen again – the film revolves around Gerard Butler (Mike Manning), Aaron Eckhart (The President), and Rick Yune (Kang). Kang – a North Korean – is the bad guy; The President is the ‘game token’ – held for long periods by Kang, but as in most games, it is who hold the token at the end who determines who wins; Manning is a Secret Service Agent – on a self-tasked with getting the token back.

The film is like a tribute to the early Die Hard movies. One man trapped in a building – the White House – with terrorists; will he have enough ammunition? will he have enough time, before his superiors negotiate away everything.

The film works through a scenario where enough ‘red’ forces overwhelm the White House Secret Service Detail and take it over and hold the President hostage. In reality, I hope that the White House has more internal defenses than shown, and that the Secret Service Detail have better tactical awareness – still it is a movie, and hopefully make believe. Once the terrorist hold the White House, they start torturing the nuclear fail-safe codes from the President, Vice-President and Secretary of Defense.

Manning is in the right place – inside the White House – to remove the terrorist one by one. In the end, all it needs is one man on the spot prepared to do whatever is needed – even if he has to wade through a stack of bodies and ditch his morals. There is a reason why this is an R16.

Morgan Freeman makes an appearance as the Speaker for the House, and second in the succession, so ends up negotiating with the terrorists. One in accuracy: he is never sworn in.

The film comes out at a time when tensions on the Korean Peninsula are rising, so that it is a bit more relevant.

I was disappointed that Ashley Judd got so little time on screen.

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