Iron Man 3

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Plot discussed

Iron Man 3 revolves around: Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man / Paul Stark), Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts), and Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian – the baddie).

Killian’s organisation is hacking human DNA to upgrade people – faster, stronger, self-regeneration, and able to generate intense heat (normally under control). The only problem is that not all recipients of the treatment are able to control their upgrades and the effect ‘runs away’, generates too much heat, and they explode. This happens so often that they invent a terrorist movement, lead by the ‘Mandarin’ (Ben Kingsley), to cover up the explosions – as bombings! [This is one of the best conspiracies ever!]

Stark’s genius is the key to fixing the bugs in the ‘hack’. Pepper is to be the hostage/lever – she is given the upgrade.

The unacknowledged hero is Jarvis – Stark Industries’ AI (voice by Paul Bettany) – who controls the swarm of Iron Man suits in battle against the upgraded human soldiers of Killian’s organisation.

Of course it ends well – potentially setting up Iron Man 4 to take a very different direction. There is even a remote possibility that Pepper will get her own movie – Pepper’s role is currently too small, and this old Marvel universe restriction holds the franchise back from richer stories.

The film is a bit patchy: there is the Stark character development and being a bit of a metro-sexual with Pepper; then there is Stark, the zero emotional-inteligence geek; and bits of the original Marvel Comic universe 2-D leaking into the film. Still, the film tries to answer the age old question: “Is it the suit that makes the super hero? Or is it the man inside?”

There are some great fight scenes. The Iron Man suits have advanced somewhat from Iron Man I & II.
The CGI effects make this film possible, and so should be seen on the wide-screen.


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