The Internship

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This Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn vehicle is more of a sports film than a technology film. The Internship is about how one team of mis-matched unwanted geeks learn to work together and win the team internship challenge at Google.

Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) are two out of work salesman who sense that the writing on the wall for a ‘bricks’ and decide to get on the ‘clicks’ bandwagon. They talk themselves onto the Google summer intern programme.

It turns out to be a team challenge: the team of interns who comes out on top will all be guaranteed jobs at Google. Things look bad when the guys end up on the team of leftovers – interns that no other team wanted, because they were seen as being weak performers or lacking in social skills (given that these are all geeks, the team collectively has a pretty low Emotional Intelligence rating). Billy and Vaughn of course have a massive learning curve – because they know nothing about technology. But they are good with people and selling, and have lots of life-knowledge; they end up leading the team.

At first, as with any sport film, the team does not do so good, but once the team bonds – a quidditch against the ‘mean’ team and fight at a night club – they start ‘kicking butt’. There is the usual hiccup or two along the way when Billy and Nick are separately tempted back to their previous lives as salesman. Heck, Billy and Nick, especially Nick, put the mental skills they honed learning up about their clients, to learning about technology.

Google may have great products, but Google still need people who understand the products and the associated value proposition, and can sell it. Which is what Billy and Nick do at the end.

Rose Byne (Dana – a Google executive) ends up playing the love interest.

I expected some real cringe moments, and there were some. But they were all related to Billy and Nicks’ in sales. They were crass, crude, and unnecessary – a lazy way to show the bad side of sales and the toilet humour did the film no favours.

The film posed a number of questions, and I would like to share my personal answers to two of them:

  • Is it alright for an intern to take food home?

    This question should never come up, because interns should be spending 24 hours on the campus. ‘Home’ is just where you tell your mum where you are staying! [Food is free on the Google campus]

  • Can we make emacs the default editor for unbuntu?

    Noed and vi forever 🙂

This film makes a great fist of creating a form of quidditch for muggles.


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