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Interesting woman-alone story adapted for space – Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) is adrift in low earth orbit without a re-entry capsule! George Clooney puts in a cameo.

Most of the film is just Stone/Bullock overcoming one adversity after another. It is quite a testing role for Bullock and good on her for doing something different.

I am not sure if the science – orbital mechanics – all stacks up, but it feels right, and you don’t need a degree in astro-physics to enjoy the movie.

The shots of earth are quite spectacular – even in 2-D. I saw the 2-D version because I did not want to be distracted by the special effects – the storyline and Bullock’s performance held my attention.

Worth a go.

PS: I went again, this time to the 3-D version, and it did make a small difference – some scenes looked better. Also, after a second look, I think that some of the laws of physics were ‘relaxed’: there should have been more rotational motion in the crucial scene with Bullock and Clooney. The final burn to rendezvous with the Chinese space station should have pushed Bullock into a higher orbit.

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