The Hunger Games: Catching the Fire

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Jennifer Lawrence :: Katniss Everdeen; Josh Hutcherson :: Peeta Mellark; Woody Harrelson :: Haymitch Abernathy; and Donald Sutherland :: President Snow are re-united for another view of life in a possible future North America (Pan-Am).

Sutherland does a great villain.

Lawrence is once more the conflicted reluctant role model; part of the conflict is what is she suppose to be modeling.

Some time in the past, the Capital won some kind of conflict with the other Districts, and has occupied them ever since with ‘peace keepers’. The Games are a tool of oppression and distraction. For a while I could not think of the Olympics as ‘just the Olympics’.

I found the second film in the series depressing.

As an indictment of 20% of the world enjoy 80% of the world’s resources – it is really in your face.

Once you suspend disbelief and enter the world of the movie, you are horrified that they have access to amazing nano-technology (and who knows what other ‘magic’), that you wonder how their world can be so set up so inequitably. A high level of technical advancement does not mean a high level of ethical and moral advancement.


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