Noah (2014)

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I went to this film was because it was by Darren Aronofsky – I liked Black Swan. What was he going to do with this biblical story?

There is a definite ‘green’ message: man is polluting the land and generally ruining through mining and industrialisation. God – the Creator – is going to cleanse the earth with a flood; and Noah must build an ark to save the innocent creatures.

There is the moral dilemma: if man cannot live in harmony with the planet, should the crew of the Ark be allowed to repopulate the planet with more men? Who is innocent? To what lengths should Noah go?

The film wrestles with the concept of free will. Is man inherently bad? or do men do bad things to protect those that they care for and love – like their family or their nation? Ray Winstone does a good job portraying Tubal-cain – the king of an industrialised and war-like people. Both Noah and Tubal-cain want to protect the ones they care for, but they end up at very different places – or do they? since they end up killing others. Tubal-cain is different: his approach is to take what he wants; Noah’s is to take just what he needs. Tubal-cain says: “to decide to kill someone and do it is to be a man”; Noah says: “to do what needs to be done is the mark of a man”.

Noah is played by Russell Crowe, and Naameh (his wife) is played by Jennifer Connelly. Connelly, gives a strong performance of a women torn between her love and loyalty to her husband, and her love and loyalty to her children (and their children). Coincidentally, Naameh has touches of Helen Benson, whom she played in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”; which also featured arks.

The film is often of epic proportions. The amazing flood scenes are possible only in an era of CGI – and very convincing. There is one scene reminiscent of Francis Danby’s ‘The Deluge’.


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