Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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I went to this the other night and I was a bit disappointed.

Warning: plot elements disclosed.

The storyline was a classic – two groups with overlapping territories: the humans want to fire-up a dam in the ape homeland. Oh there was a big pandemic that killed most of the human population.

Despite the best efforts of leaders on both sides there will be war – roll on the sequels!

There is too much suspension of dis-belief required: apes teach themselves how to use automatic weapons; former special forces can’t design good defences, nor shoot accurately; cavalry and infantry can charge over open ground against prepared positions and win; and it goes on.

Just to emphasise that it is more of a cowboys and indians thing, at the very end the writer throws in the Untermensch card. Caeser kills another ape by saying that they are not an ape. Star Trek’s : Let That Be Your Last Battlefield did a far better job of holding up a mirror to ourselves.

The special effects a really good, but the rest was a bit formulaic. The original Planet of the Apes has nothing to fear from this film.


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