Red Sparrow

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A tongue-in-cheek summary would say that Jennifer Lawrence is the body double for Isabella Boylston – a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater – who plays Boshoi prima ballerina Dominika Egorova.

After a spectacular ballet sequence, Egorova is forced to become a ‘sparrow’ – spies trained to physically and psychologically seduce their targets. Jennifer Lawrence gets most of the screen time :-).

The film is gritty: torture, beatings, assassinations, etc. Yet there is a plot with many twists and betrayals: who is telling the truth? The props and lighting is excellent – a very Gorky Park 80’s grey vibe. The sparrow training sequences are harrowing. Egorova’s operational scenes take us through parts of Europe and London.

Worth giving a go.


Black Panther

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I went to see this the other day, not quite knowing what i was going to get – not having read the Black Panther comics.

Warning: plot elements discussed.

Visually it is startling to see [almost] no white people in the film; it took me a few minutes to adjust. It shows how ‘white’ mainstream films are. Hopefully they make more films like this – without a science fiction setting to make a black world ‘normal’.

At its heart, the film tells a pretty classic story: cousins fighting over a throne – played/fought by Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan. Florence Kasumba is the honourable general upholding the constitution structures of Wakanda. She leads the army – composed solely of women. Her lover leads the all male border guides. She provides the moral question; when should one do the right thing verses doing things by the rules?

The CGI makes the whole film possible – the amazing stealth planes, amazing body armour, and maglev trains; and much more.

Worth seeing at a cinema.

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