True Blood – Season 1, Episode 7

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Wanting to know what terrible thing Uncle Bartlett had done, I tuned into episode 6 of True Blood as air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night. Warning: plot revealed.

April 29, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 7 (season 1).

Uncle Bartlett doesn’t last long; post-coitus Sookie (Paquin) tells vampire Bill (Moyer) one of the reasons she has never been comfortable with sexual intimacy. It turns out Uncle Bartlett (Wilbur) had some unwholesome thoughts towards her when she was young and had her sit on his lap. In the flashback Sookie hears the thoughts and flees to her grandmother. Later Bill fatally fangs Uncle Barlett and dumps him into the swamp.

We find out that Tara’s mother’s demon – mentioned last episode – is a real one, and we see a Southern exorcism. The exorcism appears to be successful, but the old witch tells Tara (Wesley) to come back when she is ready to get rid of hers. The demon is successfully transferred to a possum – which is immediately drowned! – don’t watch this episode if you like possums!

Thes episode ends with an old fashion house burning. Some of the young men of Bons Temps find that having not one but four vampires in town is too much. So during the day, while the vampires are sleeping, the ‘boys’ firebomb their house. Sookie is left thinking that Bill is in one of the four coffins that are dug up out of the hot debris.

Oh yes, there is the obligatory sex scene involving Jason (Kwanten) – Sookie’s estranged brother. His addition to ‘V’ is so strong that he steals their recently deceased grandmother’s jewellery to fund his habit.

I am turned off by the direction and treatment of the series, and probably won’t both to watch anymore episodes; so this will probably be my last posting this series.



True Blood – Season 1, Episode 5

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Dreading what soft-porn might lurk, I made myself watch episode 5 of True Blood as air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night. Warning: plot revealed.

April 15, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 5 (season 1).

It this episode, we find out more about Bill Comptom’s (Moyer) past – how he became a vampire. Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin) stops going out with Bill – end of Episode 4 – and goes out with Sam Merlotte (Trammell) instead. Jason Stackhouse (Kwanten) continues to experiment with ‘V’ – vampire bloody – and sleeping with the women of Bons Temp.

Bill served in a local regiment and fought in the “war of southern Independence”. On his way home, at the end of the war he is bitten by, and drinks the blood of, a vampire – turning him into a vampire. Incidentally, the vampire, in the guise of a war widow, bears a striking resemblance to Sookie’s grandmother – coincidence or plot hook to come.

Sookie, returns home from her unsatisfactory date – with Sam – to find what looks like her grandmother, her throat cut, on the kitchen floor. Oh the suspense …


True Blood – Season 1, episode 4

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I managed to catch the last 80% of episode 4 of True Blood as air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night. Warning: plot revealed.

April 8, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 4 (season 1).

While they are questioning Jason ‘brain in his pants’ Stackhouse down at the police station and town hall (Bon Temps must be a small place), the ‘V’ – vampire blood – Jason gulped down to avoid arrest for pocession of a controlled substance kicks in; Jason suffers the grandmother of priapasm. Jason’s sleeping with women who are about to be found dead – as per the end of Episode 3 – is getting him into hot water with the townsfolk. I hope that Ryan Kwanten is not too type cast by his excellent portrayal of Jason Stackhouse.

The sex theme just keeps on rocking: Jason’s character is completely taken over by his manhood (maybe an attempt to cleverly not take his character too seriously) and Sookie goes undercover in a vampire bar. Paquin’s innocent characterisation reminds me of Susan Sarandon in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sookie – Paquin – is now deliberately using her power to listen in on people’s thoughts to find the real killer before Jason is lynched by the townsfolk. So she talks Bill – the vampire, Moyer – into taking her to the vampire bar in a nearby town; “it’s not a date!” The bar reminds me of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s video for Relax – leather, bondage, …

Just when the leave-the-heroine-in-a-bad-situation ending was in danger of wearing a bit thin, we see Sam Merlotte – Trammell – basking, cat like, on the bed of the last murdered waitress.


I am starting to loose interest in this series.

True Blood – Season 1, Episode 3

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Episode 3 of True Blood air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night. Warning: plot revealed.

April 1, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 3 (season 1).

Sookie – Paquin – does not get gobbled up or ravished by the three unrully vampires we saw her surrounded by at the end of Episode 2. Bill – Moyer – makes a claim on her, and all the other vampires back-off.

There just too much sex; and I am not going to bother fitting it all in. Once again, not an episode for the not-so-old ones.

There is more character development: Why Tara – Wesley – has a chip on her shoulder – her mother is a drunk; Jason’s – Kwanten- libido leads him inevitably into trouble; Sookie is attracted to Bill (the vampire); vampires who flat together become more vampirish – wanting to drink blood and have sexual gratification with humans.

At the end Sookie walks into a murder scene – the last person seen with the dead waitress was Jason. The trend of leave-the-heroine-in-a-bad-situation ending is wearing a bit thin.


True Blood – Season 1, Episode 2

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Episode 2 of True Blood air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime last night; I saw it in the Listner’s TV programmes listing and managed to schedule my evening to watch it. Warning: plot revealed.

March 25, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 2 (season 1).

Another great lead-in: we see our heroine – Sookie – getting the heck kicked out of her – continuing the beating she got at the end of Episode 1. But even in the midst of terrible adversity, Sookie is able to spare some effort into stopping a dog from getting shot. Bill – the hero ? and vampire – eventually steps, as expected, and dispatches the baddies and restores Sookie to full health – by getting her to drink his blood.

The series appears to be exploring intermacy – and by drinking a vampire’s blood the drinker creates a form of intermacy. Bill will always be able to find Sookie – quickly; perhaps setting up a plot device to be used later. Sookie has her senses hightened – she finds a crumb when her grandmother is vacuuming.

There seems to be lots of sex when vampires are around, and the producers are not afraid to show the audience. Really not a programme for the not-so-old ones.

Episode 2 is early days in the Sookie-Bon-Temps universe. Some of the inhabitants of Bon Temps, that were introduced get a bit more flesh put on the bone: Adele Stackhouse (played by Lois Smith) is Sookie’s grandmother – a women who raised sookie, and who has a great interest in the history of Bon Temps; Jason Stackhouse (played by Ryan Kwanten) is Sookie’s brother – a rather simple young man, who lets his libido do all of his thinking; and Tara Thornton (played by Rutina Wesley) who appears to be Sookie’s childhood friend of colour, and who has a chip on her shoulder so large that it is amazing that she does not walk on a permanent slant.

Jason’s current plot role is to allow the audience to see, close up, attractive young women: all so that we can see the odd vampire bite on their otherwise unblemished skin. Jason is horrified; no doubt, post coitus, he fears what Sookie might be up to.

We are also introduced to the nature of the relationship between humans and vampires: they must be invited into you house, otherwise they cannot come in; they can exert a mental control on humans (has no affect on Sookie); they are very very strong; they can move very fast; there is a wider political aspect of them ‘coming out of the coffin’.

Sookie is attracted to Bill because she can’t hear his thoughts and can relax and let her mental guards down. He has a certain ruggedness and an old world set of manners – which sets him well above the young men of Jason’s generation.

At the end Sookie encounters three very unmannered vampires. For now the trend of leave-the-heroine-in-a-bad-situation ending is touchingly quaint.


True Blood – Season 1, Episode 1

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Episode 1 of True Blood finally air-ed in New Zealand – on Prime . Warning: plot revealed.

March 18, 2009 by Show_Hanger

2009 True Blood Episode 1 (season 1).

The storyline, directing (Alan Ball) and acting is just great. Within half an hour, the main character – Sookie Stackhouse, brilliantly played by Anna Paquin – and the general come-out-of-the-coffin of vampires is introduced. The treatment of Sookie’s telepathy is very effective. The other main character – Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer – has also been introduced: Stookie has to save him from vampire blood traders.

By the end of the episode, Sookie’s world has been built up – its underlying currents hinted at, and the supporting characters introduced. Sookie has also been beaten half to death – a classic ‘come back next week’.

Paquin of course won a Golden Globe for her portrayl of Sookie – and it is well deserved. Paquin, who is a brunette New Zealander, brings the blond southern Sookie to life. Sookie appears to be a person with principles and prepared to stand up for them. There is a hint that Sookie would like to get out of Bon Temps, Louisiana, but can’t at the moment.

I was surprised by the amount and explicitness of sexual content.


Worth the wait.

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