Knight and Day

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I saw Knight and Day. It is smooth as you would expect from a Tom Cruise movies.

The plot is a little complicated: is Cruise the rogue agent bent on exploiting an amazing new battery (and the unworldy genius behind it)? or is he out to save the world from the true rogue agent? Cruise works for the FBI and Cameron Diaz is an innocent by-stander who gets caught up with his attempts to straighten things out.

A running gag is Cruise continually puts Diaz under – to save her nerves and her life.

Tom Cruise quietly sending himself up, and some comparisons with Mission Impossible 3 and James Bond: Die Another Day are inevitable.


Knight and Day

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Prior to the screening of Avatar, the following trailer registered with me.

Feb 7, 2010 by Film_Trailer_Hanger

This action thriller stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

It looks like Collateral meets The Scarecrow and Mrs King meets Bird on a Wire – with Cameron Diaz in the Kate Jackson / Goldie Hawn character.

Lots of apparent action and Tom Cruise quietly sending himself up.


Probably good for a rainy day.

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