Pour Elle

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Contains: plot details

I went to this the other day and was quite surprised: I believed that a mild mannered man could do violent things for one he loves; Diane Kruger looks like Natalie Portman’s older sister; and sub-titles become invisible after awhile.

Pour Elle is a French film directed and written by Fred Cavayé. Kruger, even though her character (Lisa) is the elle of the film spends most of it off camera – she is in prison for murder. And slowly going out of her mind. Her husband (Julien) – played by Vincent Linden – is desparate to get her out. Having exhausted all legal avenues of appeal, he decides to take matters into his own hands. We see what a man of reasonable intelligence and determination is capable of.

It is all very French and gritty. Somehow more believable than an America movie.

There is violence; many laws are broken – though only a few moral ones. How does a man break his wife out of a medium security prison and then fly off with her and his young son? Avoiding police drag-nets and their photos being posted at all airports and sea port? With lots of money, lots of planning, calm execution, and a little bit of luck.

The big takeaway, is that if you ever find your carpark obstructed by a fire extinquisher -don’t immediately pick it up ! Walk around your car and other cars, and look for a body.


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