The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

August 26, 2012 at 10:28 am | Posted in Film Review | 1 Comment
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I finally managed to squeeze three hours out of my schedule to see this – I am glad to say that I was no disappointed. Spoiler warning: plot details revealed.

Despite being 165 minutes long, the time passed easily. As someone who has read Batman (and related) comics for the last 45 years, I was very comfortable with this film. Christopher and Jonathan Nolan have left the characters as they currently reside in the DC Comic universe.

Christopher Nolan has done a good job of closing out the Dark Knight series. Christian Bale makes a good fist of Batman. It is an increasingly hard role to play: he must be the fourth or fifth actor in the role (including TV). Bale/Batman wrestles with his inner demons, as he wrestles with those that walk in Gotham City. Anne Hathaway is the surprise casting as Selina/Catwoman: she is able to shake off her ‘nice girl’ image, and be the cat burglar trying to shake off a twisted past. At times she steals the film.

Michael Caine (Alfred) and Morgan Freeman (guy with the cool toys) provide a bit of continuity from previous Batman films.

Marion Cotillard, as Miranda, is classy and exotic, and the surprise package at the end.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the future Robin tidies up one of the loose threads – with Batman gone, who will protect Gotham?

I liked the use of Martha Wayne’s pearl necklace to link Batman/Bruce’s origins to Bruce finally finding peace.

My only disappointment was the final scene removed any doubt: instead of Alfred and Bruce nodding to each other across the restaurant, with Selina facing away from Alfred; I would have had Alfred and Selina nodding to each other, with Bruce facing away from Alfred – leaving a little mystery.


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