World of Wearableart 2013

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Another brilliant show

WOW ! I went to the 2013 World of Wearableart dress rehearsal AND opening night!  Obviously, I think it is great, so get a ticket if you can. I might even try for another session.

Likes: Man Unleashed and Costume & Film

I liked the Man Unleashed section. WOW moved away from the models on revolving stage segments for this section; the audience got a close-up on the garments via a big screen.  The guys danced and hammed-it-up on temporary stages made of white boxes moved by movers dressed in white unitards. The ‘Born to be Wild’ garment nearly bought the house down.

I also like the Costume & Film section, which was based on a 1900’s circus theme. The circus acts was so good that they stole the show 🙂

Observations: a Lighter Shade of Pale

WOW was very ‘white’ this year: many of the garments were white, cream, or dominated by light colours. The make-up, lighting, and ‘props’ tended to create a pale aesthetic. This was very noticeable in the South Pacific section. In other sections, things verged on a WOW re-interpretation of a Victoria Secrets show.

Between the Dress Rehearsal and Opening Night, WOW swapped the order of the Costumes & Film section and  the Avant Garde section. The Dress Rehearsal closed with the Avant Garde section leaving everyone feeling a little flat.  Opening Night used the Avant Garde section to create a serene calm before a torrent of circus fun closed the show. I thought the change was a good move – the little wave from the final circus act aptly closed the show.

Disappointments: No Air Guitar and Clutter

The Man Unleashed section had a very short  air guitar sequence that did not give it the time to develop the energy that it deserved.

At times individual sequences seem disconnected, as many sections had large opaque artifacts – albeit very artistic ones – in the middle of the stage that blocked out a complete view of the stage.


World of Wearableart 2012

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WOW ! went to the 2012 World of Wearableart dress rehearsal last night – great, get a ticket if you can.

A mixture of surreal and fun would be how I would try to sum up this year’s show.

The Children’s Section has a little girl falling into her toy box at bed time and entering a dream world – there is even a rabbit in a car!

I liked the tiaha wielding warriors in a video game: clever and it must be hard dancing with a projection.

The Open Section used Argentinian tango as the ‘back drop’ – some very nice dancing. This section also introduced a little meme for the show – unaccompanied male dancers. In this section, the ladies danced by themselves and it look more like flamenco, and the men partnered each other. It wasn’t exactly smoldering, but nevertheless had a degree of intensity.

The Visual Symphony Section was innovative and ‘big’ – grunge steam punk. The Gareth Farr composed and directed music partly utilised the garments themselves for musical notes. Some of the garments were very quite and this was dealt with through handheld microphones choreographed into the dancing. I liked the big disk / wobbleboard.

The Avante Garde Section was wonderfully surreal: opera, candles (lots of them), lyrical dancing, and really out-there art-on-a-person garments. I was a bit worried for the dancers and models because of all the naked flames.

The Bizzarre Bra finale was fantastic – literally out of this world. A wonderful mix of B-grade and classic science fiction moments. There were three actual spaceships!!! and a space monster.

Another brilliant show.

WOW 2011

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I went to the 2011 Bancroft Estate World of Wearableart Awards Show (‘WOW’) last night.

Fantastic ! Worth trying to get some of the remaining tickets.

Warning: spoilers !

In a two hour dance and wow spectacular there were many highlights, but one of them was the Royal New Zealand Ballet dancing (classical) while partnered with life opera (Aivale Cole and Ben Makisi). Another was staging a dancing on a wall. There were four dance companies involve in this year’s production: the Royal New Zealand Ballet; New Zealand School of Dance; Footnote Dance; and the WOW Dance Troupe! Needless to say there was lots of movement – the models can all dance too !

The Children’s section was its usual youthful bright energetic display.

The UV section left me with a sense of Dance Macabre: dis-embodied legs, skeletons, and eyes.

The Microscope section cleverly created a microscopic world with chains of helium balloons – form a mass of cell like air mass. There were lots of wacky looking microscopic life form inspired garments.

The section changes was very cleverly done. The audience’s attention was dramatically shifted by lighting and staging a little segue piece at the ‘back’ of the auditorium – while on stage, in the dark, stage crew made the necessary changes.

The Open section was chock full of interesting and spectacular; all while dancers stood statute-like on stacked up chairs discarding what seemed like an endless supply of wraps from their bodies!

The Man Unleashed section opened with a large group brides and Billy Idol’s White Wedding! I think this section struck a cord with the ladies in the audience!

The Avante Garde section was just great. I feared that I was in danger of watching too much of the dancing (ballet with live opera), but WOW and anticipated this problem, and had cleverly set the choreography to not clash with the garments.

The ‘Kiwi Icon’ section hit the spot: with the surprise appearance of an iconic comedienne (Ginette McDonald), iconic New Zealander, and an iconic kiwi singer (John Rowles); all to kiwi music. Apparently the iconic New Zealander will change every night; on this night it was Tim Shadbolt.

Well worth the ticket price.

WOW 2010

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I went to the dress rehearsal of this year’s World Of Wearableart (WOW) Award Show, the other night and was blown away.

One long word sums up the show – ‘fantastic’; ‘wow’ is already used. Great music and dancing, and great pieces of wearable art.

This year the show was open by Te Radar; he warmed up the audience.

This year children’s section was very well integrated – good fit between the garments and its theme of books. A big fold out castle, inside a book, descends from the ceiling. There is a fun little dance by paper cut-out dolls at the end. A past winner – a pile of books – provided some continuity.

The UV – officially known as the Illuminated – section really carried me away. This year there were a number of colourful yet sublte garments – flock of leaves and kites.

The circus segment worked really well. There are miniature elephants – who do tricks!

Loved the ‘tron’ light suits.

Bizzare Bra worked really well with the tropical/Latin theme.

If you can get a ticket go to this.

WOW 2008

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I went to the dress rehearsal of this year’s World Of Wearableart (WOW) Award Show.

This is not a dress pagent; it is not a pure fashion show; and it is not a pure dance show. A better description would be Cirque de Soleil without the high intensity acrobatics.

Sep 24, 2008 by Show_Hanger

A memorable 20th Anniversary show.

The highlights for me were:

  • The South Pacific Section
  • The UV Section
  • The Inspired by Architecture Section

The South Pacific Section was set amongst – what appeared to be – full sized nikau palms! They looked like WOW had transplanted some from the Civic Square. This year there two wahine singing and the section was finished with a memorable dance – where the dancers were dressed and moved as Tuis.

The UV – officially known as the Illuminated – section was spectacular. I hope the garment that had a fat Charlie Chaplin like character teamed with a thin black character against a UV white disc wins.

The Inspired by Architecture Section was very original. Dancers clad in silver unitards came out of the floor, onto a dimly lit stage, carrying handheld spotlights which they used to illuminate the first two or three models. Then as more and more garments came on, a ‘silver person’ built a tower! Then the ‘silver people’ ‘danced’ inside the tower. Brilliant!

I did find the music a little loud – but hopefully they will turn the volume down 5-10 percent for the shows.


WOW 2007

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I went to the dress rehearsal of this year’s World Of Wearableart (WOW) Award Show.

Sep 19, 2007 by Show_Hanger

It was great! Year after year, WOW manages to surpass itself.

The highlights for me were:

  • The Children’s Section
  • The Guy’s Suite Section
  • The ‘Raining Men’ Section
  • The UV Section

The Children’s Section was based on “Where the Wild Things Are” picture book; with a large cast of monsters and the stuff of children’s nightmares. The children’s energy – WOW use child performers – was very infectious.

There was lots of energy in the ‘Raining Men’ Section: the audience, of mainly young women, gave all of the guys lots of cheers. It got pretty hot – the audience got very excited when the topless guys moved right up to the edge of the stage (stage right).

The UV Section was the best I have seen. Well composed and used all three dimensions – incorporating a static trapeze and other five suspended performers.


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